The Same Sky

The Same Sky

Mar. 27, 2017
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Cold War drama in which a ‘Romeo’ agent is sent on a seductive mission in 1970s Berlin. The series recreates the uniquely charged atmosphere in the Cold War city by portraying the fates of two families, one on each side of the wall, in a tale interweaving East German dissidents and informers and West German hustlers and agents, as well as American and British diplomats. Divided by ideology, the only thing the people of Berlin all share is the sky above.

The Same Sky
The Same Sky
The Same Sky
The Same Sky
The Same Sky
The Same Sky
Título original Der gleiche Himmel
Fecha de primera emisión Mar. 27, 2017
Última transmisión Oct. 02, 2017
Temporadas 2
Episodios 9
Duración 270m

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